Professional Caregivers

Professional Caregivers

A professional caregiver is someone who is paid to provide care to someone else.  A professional caregiver is typically employed by a home care agency or eldercare facility.  It is a physically and emotionally challenging job.

Most professional caregivers earn less than $25,000 annually and often lack any specialized training to manage geriatric health issues.  At a time when demand for their services is rising, there are few economic incentives to attract more qualified professional caregivers and limited resources available to help them succeed.

Norma Smiles addresses the needs of professional caregivers

Norma Smiles invests in the lives of those called to be caregivers.  We champion the work they do and offer the following programs to address issues they face:

  • fellowship and support groups thru our Champions Circle
  • workshops on compassion fatigue and how to handle the grief when someone they are caring for passes
  • no-cost or low-cost advanced training on topics such  as dementia-care and end-of-life care
  • scholarship money for advanced education (CNA school)
  • recognition and montetary awards for outstanding caregiving achievements
  • advocacy on their behalf for fair pay and career advancement opportunities
  • retreats