Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Vision

A world where all Elders are treated with dignity and respect, their contributions to society are treasured and valued, and their quality of life is enhanced by an abundance of loving care.

Our Mission

Norma Smiles honors our Elders, champions the quality of care they receive, and invests in the lives of those called to serve them.

Our Values

Norma Smiles has developed a set of core values that govern everything we do and every decision we make.  These core values are the basis for our culture, our code of conduct and they are reflected in every aspect of our work.  At Norma Smiles, we:

Serve with Heart.  We believe in the adage “the heart that gives…gathers”.  Whether working with other seniors, caregivers, families, or eachother, we operate with a servant heart.  We are about peace, community, compassion, and empathy in all we do.

Bear Fruit. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.” Galations 5:22-23 (NIV).  At Norma Smiles, this is our life verse.  We seek to bear fruit in all that we do and model these fruits in all our relationships.

Work like we don’t have to. We believe our work is a privilege, not a right.  Therefore, we desire to work with vibrant joy and a strong sense of stewardship.  We do not believe in entitlement.  We believe serving our seniors is meaningful work and are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference.

Play well with others.   We value respect, harmony, transparency, helpfulness, and teamworkKnowledge hogs, “drama” makers, gossipers are the antithesis of the culture we strive to achieve.  We believe it’s best to over-communicate.  We always seek to maximize relationships.  We desire communities that celebrate differences and encourage one another.
Keep it Simple, Smart.  This is our version of the “KISS” method.  We operate with efficiency, wisdom, and discernment in all that we do.  We value substance over flash.  We focus on our objectives and don’t over analyze.  We seek to execute flawlessly.  We strive to never over promise and under-deliver.
Finish Well.  We are results-oriented.  High quality results, that is.  We are accountable to excellence in all that we do. We believe outcomes matter. 
Be a good Steward.  The way we allocate our time, talent and treasure represents our heart’s priorities.  We are committed to using what God has given to us to be a blessing to others.
Welcome feedback.  We support an environment of continuous improvement.