Leadership and Staff

Suzie McVaney

Board Chair / Executive Director

Suzie McVaney was the primary caregiver for her elderly mother with dementia for 7 years. She diligently tried to ensure that her mother's final years were filled with love, dignity, respect, compassionate care, and quality of life. … Read More

Nancy Olson

Board Secretary

Nancy Olson has been involved in memory care as a caregiver, and in her personal life has walked through family care issues with a close family member. These experiences have created a desire to be a part of a solution to the increasing … Read More

Sheri Fortin

Board Treasurer

Sheri Fortin has had the pleasure of being a companion and caregiver for an amazing lady who struggles with age-related dementia. This experience has led her to be involved in Norma Smiles, wanting to improve the lives of one of our most … Read More