You. Make. A. Difference

Norma Smiles programs and services address issues surrounding eldercare by ensuring  that compassionate people who are called to be senior caregivers are properly trained, emotionally and spiritually supported, and adequately recognized and rewarded for their tireless efforts in caring for our loved ones as they age.

Our programs and services depend on the generosity of supporters like you.   Your financial support will help Norma Smiles:

  1. Offer Caregiver Curriculum and Skills Video Training at low or no-cost to Family Caregivers and Professional Caregivers
  2. Develop and Deliver the “Called to Caregive” program which helps grow the Professional Caregiver workforce and address the Caregiver Crisis facing our society today
  3. Address issues in quality of care provided our loved ones by offering specialty certifications in the area of Dementia Care and End of Life Care
  4. Invest in the future of Professional Caregivers by offering scholarships for continuing education in the fields of gerontology, long term care administration, social work, medicine, nursing, or sociology
  5. Provide support to those who work in the eldercare field by ensuring they have access to tools and support to help with issues of caregiver burnout and compassion fatigue
  6. Offer much needed respite services to Family Caregivers so that they can engage in a few hours of self-care
  7. Host 2-day retreats for Family Caregivers where they are provided opportunities for rest and renewal
  8. Develop tools and workshops to aid Family Caregivers in navigating the world of eldercare for their loved ones
  9. Host monthly Champions Circle get-togethers as a way to keep Family Caregivers from feeling isolated as they care for their loved ones
  10. Advocate on behalf of our elders and their caregivers

If you would like to make a donation in support of our programs and services, please click the following link

Honoring Elders...Championing Caregivers

Thank you in advance for your generosity.