Lexi Butler

Lexi is an aspiring nursing student who got her start as a CNA for Norma Smiles.  She interacted with Norma both as a CNA and a companion, helping her with activities of daily living and spending time talking and laughing with her.  Through Norma Smiles, she was able to complete training in dementia care to be better equipped to assist people like Norma who need specialized assistance.  In her free time, Lexi enjoys hiking, watching baseball, and playing piano.  Her goal is to work as an RN and eventually obtain a master’s degree to become a nurse practitioner.

Commendation and recognition of Lexi as a Caregiving Champion:

I personally hired Lexi to help me caregive for my Mom during her final leg of a long arduous journey with dementia.   On her own time, Lexi took online classes through Norma Smiles Academy in order to become Dementia Care certified.

Applying what she learned thru online classes, Lexi delivered the highest quality of care to my Mom.  Lexi also went on to become a CNA during the time she worked for us.  She possesses superlative personal-care and companion-care skills beyond what you would expect of someone taking their initial coursework for the nursing profession.

One of my favorite things about Lexi is the compassion she conveys through her care.  She is so patient and so loving towards my Mom.  My Mom lit up when Lexi entered the room.  My Mom completely trusted Lexi.   Another skill Lexi has is wonderful communication – both with me and my Mom.  Lexi was not patronizing to my Mom like many caregivers tended to be.  She spoke to her in a kind yet respectful way. Lexi also has a tremendous work ethic.  I could count on her to show up, work hard while she was here and do a wonderful job even with the most menial tasks.  Each day on the journey with my Mom was different.  What worked one day in her care plan might not work the next.  Lexi was incredibly adaptable to an ever-changing care plan. I am beyond grateful for having someone like Lexi to help me through this difficult part of my Mom’s journey.