Caregiver Recruitment and Retention Services

We offer the following workshops to home care agencies and eldercare facilities:

Define your core values and your corporate culture

Statistics show that Employers who intentionally define their core values and establish an employee culture based on those values stand out among the competition. People want to work for great companies.  Let Norma Smiles help you become an employer of choice.

How to Screen for high quality Caregivers

During this caregiver shortage we are experiencing, the tendency is to hire any caregiver that will take the position.  Don’t settle for this type of reactive (and ultimately expensive) hiring process.  The cost of a bad hire is roughly 15% of the annual pay.  Learn the secret sauce  for selecting high quality caregivers that are called to the profession – Assessment tools.   These assessments are crucial to finding someone that is good “job fit” for the position of caregiver.  In addition, we can help you tailor behavioral interview questions to each candidate.

How to create caregiver Retention Programs

The median rate of caregiver turnover has risen from 39.4% to 65.7% since 2009 according to the 2017 Home Care Benchmarking Study. While this statistic specifically represents the home care industry,  facilities are experiencing similarly alarming turnover rates. The cost of recruiting  and selecting a caregiver is estimated between $1200 and $1500 per caregiver.  Every time a caregiver leaves your organization, that investment walks out the door.

Norma Smiles believes retention starts with the hire. Let us help you hire people called to the profession of caregiving  and who desire to work hard and provide exceptional care to our loved ones.  These same hires will become your best referrals for hiring future caregivers.

Norma Smiles can help you implement effective retention strategies for you such as Caregiver Satisfaction Surveys, Rewards and Recognition programs, and Supervisor Training program (people do not quit bad jobs, they quit bad bosses).


Invest as much in making a hiring decision as you would if you were buying a $1 million piece of equipment. Over a 15- to 20-year period, the cost of an average employee, including salary, benefits, and training, will be well in excel of that amount.  ~Gary HarpstSource: Six Disciplines for Excellence